The United Nations has designated 2022 as the “International Year of Glass” (IYOG 2022) – a unique and unprecedented event for a material that is an inherent part of nature. That is why LUXEPACK Monaco wanted to honor this event with the “AGE OF GLASS” initiative.

Glass has accompanied humankind for centuries, enriching the quality of life of millions as one of the most important, versatile and transformative materials of history. This iconic material continues to serve as a vessel within all civilizations. From its simplest form to the most ornate of bottle designs, glass keeps meeting people’s societal and artistic needs.

Sometimes transparent, sometimes multicolored, engraved, printed, or glazed… it is a timeless marker of culture and style.

In bottling, glass has always been the prime material that magnifies excellence. And this excellence takes on a special dimension today. Glass is simple and does no significant harm to the environment. It’s the only packaging that’s both reusable and infinitely recyclable, with endless lives.







AGE OF GLASS is the idea that glass, although centuries years old, has never been so crucial to addressing current challenges.

  • Creativity/design issues for the luxury industry. Not only for fragrance and beauty products, but also wine, champagne, and spirit packaging. It addresses an era of global competition where combining “beauty and craftmanship” are increasingly important.
  • Sustainable development issues, which can no longer be avoided, and now must be considered an opportunity for inventiveness and not simply another pain point!

“AGE OF GLASS”.  An installation supported by FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation will curate a capsule of the finest European glass making companies specializing in beauty, perfumery or spirits along with centdegrés, an international brand intelligence and creative agency.  

This collaboration will combine creativity with art expertise to demonstrate how collective intelligence can address the current  complex challenge of attracting demanding consumers while simultaneously responding to the new ethical frameworks of sustainable development.

Throughout the event :

  • A perfume was offered to all visitors, stemming from the glassmakers’ expertise, centdegrés’ creativity, and a special Fimenich olfactory development.
  • Showcase featuring the most striking recent productions created by the glassmaking and design specialists themselves.
  • Direct access to concept and production experts who have been available and collectively answer visitor questions on the challenges regarding this very extraordinary material


Celebrate glass in video