Pusterla 1880’s Roberto Marini: “Our innovations will primarily center on eco-designed solutions”

News_GB - 2021/08/30

DATE – 2021/08/30

Luxe Packaging Insight discusses Pusterla 1880’s recent investments and acquisitions with Managing Director Roberto Marini. He also gives a sneak preview into the sustainable packaging innovations the company will unveil at LUXE PACK Monaco in September.

Over the past 18 months, the profession has faced an unprecedented crisis. How have you adapted?
Like all industry players, we have been confronted with massive order cancellations and postponements. However, given that we had been seeing growth for several years, we were able to face the crisis in better conditions than some of our competitors. Although we haven’t registered losses as such, our turnover has nevertheless dropped by around 10%, mainly due to ongoing projects that were put on hold.

That said, as of March 2020, our primary concern was to do everything possible to secure our production sites; as you know, Italy was hit by the pandemic very early on, which in a way enabled us to anticipate. While most European countries were still in denial about hte situation, we were among the first to supply our French and UK factories with ad hoc sanitary equipment, which meant that we were able to avoid closures, even in Varese, a region that was in the eye of the storm, so to speak. This reactivity enabled us to limit the damage.

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