Vodka Votiva: When Packaging Becomes Art

News_GB - 2021/09/20

DATE – 2021/09/20

Vodka Votiva’s packaging, entirely created using materials from Fedrigoni group’s catalog, is a perfect example of how thin, almost imperceptible even, is the line between art and design.

In developing the coffret, studio Spazio Di Paolo studio drew inspiration from the last standing column – of the original 48 – at the Greek Temple of Hera Lacinia in Capo Colonna (formerly known as Lacinion), erected in honor of the Greek goddess Hera, protector of women and families.

This ambitious project, exclusively made of materials from Fedrigoni group’s catalog, will be officially presented at LUXE PACK Monaco 2021 fair. For this project, Fedrigoni group, which has recently evolved to make the most of synergies between it papers and self-adhesive divisions, developed packaging designed around a single material, which became a central theme tying the entire project together, much like the architrave that connects the columns in a Greek temple.

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