What to watch out for at LUXE PACK Monaco


DATE – 2021/09/23

The luxury packaging industry’s renowned annual rendez-vous, LUXE PACK Monaco is opening its doors next week. New materials, sustainable solutions, the latest innovations, a spotlight on China and the LUXE PACK in Green and Formes de Luxe Awards ceremonies… we take a look at what to expect.

This year’s LUXE PACK Monaco show, the first since 2019, will play host to more than 450 exhibitors, 70 of which are new. Our exhibitors are eager to renew face-to-face contacts and brands are looking forward to exchanging with their suppliers in order to develop projects “live” and in person. Packaging is an industry that calls for the five senses: textures, materials… these elements cannot be replaced by video conferencing,” comments Fabienne Germond, LUXE PACK shows Director.

New this year in the realm of materials is a space dedicated to CARATS (CARnot Appui Technique et Scientifique)a network that aims to foster collaborative research between fashion and luxury players and the research centers comprising France’s Carnot Institutes. Six projects will be on show in a space orchestrated by French agency RCP Design Global.

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