Inside Montblanc’s new eco-designed coffret


Inside Montblanc’s new eco-designed coffret

Writing instruments brand Montblanc entrusted Procos with designing and manufacturing a next-generation box made entirely of cardboard and viscose. The packaging was conceived to combine a protective role with a high-end aesthetic. 

The simplicity of Montblanc’s new monomaterial box represents a break with tradition in the world of luxury pens. Indeed, the traditional box mixing injected plastic, paper, metal hinges and textile padding has been replaced by a drawer-style coffret in FSC cardboard.

German company Procos, manufacturer of the box, opted for limited use of ink printing but with embossing on the top that enhances the logo while bringing a sophisticated touch to the whole.

The main challenge was to eliminate the interior textile trim, whose stretchy housing accommodated the different sizes and designs of the Montblanc collections. The solution was a pouch made of Ecovero, a viscose fiber from sustainable wood developed by Austrian company Lenzing. Tested by Montblanc, this soft material has no abrasive effect on the scratch-sensitive lacquers of certain pen models.

Initially made in Europe for the launch, the packaging will be produced in other regions of the world to manufacture closer to Montblanc’s local markets.

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