LUXE PACK Monaco brings businesses together

After 18 months marked by crisis and uncertainty, LUXE PACK Monaco was a key event for the entire luxury packaging industry.

Overwhelming enthusiasm pervaded the Grimadi Forum for three days where exchanges between brands and suppliers have rarely been so enriching and focused on cooperation, essential to a common goal of eco-responsibility.

‘The crowd was there after several months without any trade fairs. We brought the entire luxury packaging industry together, which was badly needed. Although we had fewer international visitors than usual, 7,860 visitors came to this year’s event, which was a welcome surprise. The quality was exceptional: all the actions taken to ensure the presence of high-profile people from the big luxury goods companies were effective as we improved the proportion of brands in our visitors.’ explained the event’s organisation. ‘We didn’t have any American, British, or Asian visitors, but we recorded a 15% increase in our French visitors and 7% for Spanish companies.’

Visitors and exhibitors alike were delighted with this long-awaited reunion, which is crucial for the effectiveness of their business relationships.

‘LUXE PACK 2021 was, once again, intense and rewarding. In the end, a lot of us met up this year, and we were all delighted to be able to finally see each other in person again. Despite all the problems that we are all currently experiencing, such as shortages of raw materials, price increases, and transport issues, I felt that there was a great deal of open listening and information sharing with both our partners and our colleagues. We feel that this fair helps us to better understand situations and to move forward in the same direction together. Like every year, we are also delighted to discover new innovations, even if they are increasingly focused on CSR, which has become a priority.’ Marion Trossat, Purchasing and Packaging Development Director, Interpafums.

  • Ever greener

This year’s event confirmed the commitment of the 450 exhibitors in favour of eco-design and sustainability, allowing them to deliver the fruits of their efforts in terms of packaging reduction, recycling, and reuse. The aisles of the show were populated with mono-material innovations, refillable packaging, and 100% recycled materials.

Symbol of this enthusiasm, the LUXE PACK in Green awards were eagerly awaited this year, with over 50 applications and record ceremony attendance.


ESTAL, ICMA, and GROUPE POCHET, the LUXE PACK in Green winner

In the ‘eco-designed packaging solutions’ category the panel of experts(1) voted for the collection of Rude bottles, in 100% recycled Wild Glass, from the Spanish company ESTAL. The desire to bring natural aesthetic imperfections and ancestral design into Luxury codes was particularly appreciated.

For the first time this year, visitors were invited to express their preference by voting on the My Luxe Pack platform. Odyssée, the 2-in-1 nomadic and refillable lightweight glass jar from the Pochet Group, won the people’s choice award.

Finally, in the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility approach’ category, ICMA was rewarded for having become the first European company in the paper and cardboard sector to obtain B-Corp status at the end of the certification process completed in May 2020.

(1) Sandrine Sommer, CSR Director, Moët Hennessy, Hélène Villecroze, Eco-Design Manager, Channel Parfums et Beauté, Jacques Playe, Global Head of Packaging and Product Development, L’Oréal, Maurille Larivière, co-founder and CEO of Sustainable Design School, Lucile COURTIAL, Executive Secretary of BeMed, Representative of the PRINCE ALBERT II OF MONACO FOUNDATION

  • Full house for conferences

For three days, the two conference programmes (LUXE PACK & LUXE PACK Formulation) were attended by 1,600 people. Among the sessions that appealed the most:

– Jacques Playe, Global Head of Packaging and Product Development, L’OREAL, David Bayard, Technical and Sustainable Packaging Development Director, L’OCCITANE, Emmanuel Guichard, General Manager, FEBEA, and Alain Pierron, Development Manager, VPI, on ‘Packaging and plastic: what future in the luxury sector? ’.

Packaging and plastics: what future in the luxury sector?
The true and false of eco-responsible packaging claims’
The influence of eco-design on brand strategy’
1 / 3

– ‘The true and false of eco-responsible packaging claims’ with BSR, PERNOD RICARD, KERING, and SEVENTY ONE PERCENT

– ‘The influence of eco-design on brand strategy’ with WHAT MATTERS, LOCCITANE, NOUT Parfums, and FREEDGE Beauty.

  • New materials with Carats

This year’s event was also an opportunity to bring together, in a novel way, two circles that do not usually work together: French Research and luxury brands.

The CARATS (Carnot Appui Technique et Scientifique) network, representing three of France’s best research institutes, came to present the results of several years of hard work: new materials for the fashion and luxury industries. Among the six proofs of concept (POC) exhibited were a flax fibre composite, bio-based materials with never-before-achieved aesthetic standards, and laser technology effective on all surfaces with incomparable effects. The Think-Tank led by Laurence Dorlhac, in the presence of numerous researchers, perfectly symbolised the mainstreaming work carried out in order to facilitate this meeting between two sectors which obviously had a lot to say to each other …

Get your free copy of the White Paper “Sublimating Materials by CARATS which presents the latest materials, techniques and processes for the luxury sector, resulting from years of research in France. Click here to download.

  • The LUXE PACK Monaco experience continues …

New this year! Seven plenary conferences are available in replay on the My LUXE PACK platform (with ENG/FR subtitles), and all exhibitor offers presented at LUXE PACK shows, products and expertise, are freely accessible all year round to allow brands to get in contact with suppliers.

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