Domaines et Secteurs d'activités

  • PAPIER, CARTON, Boites, coffrets, étuis, fourreaux , Sacs, pochettes

  • DIVERS, Echantillons, factices , Roll-on , Accessoires beauté

  • TISSUS, Sacs, pochettes

  • PLASTIQUE, Tubes , Pompes, valves , Bouteilles, flacons, pots


For more than 35 years Cosmogen has been the global expert in innovative and patented application solutions for cosmetic brands.
Its expertise is recognized in four complementary categories: packaging with built-in applicators, brushes, accessories and dispensing intended for skin care, make-up, fragrance and hair.

COSMOGEN is present in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia to support its clients in their projects, guided by a strong motivation: INNOVATE TO INSPIRE.