The winemaker, the graphic designer and the printer: three skills for a unique label


This collaboration gave birth to an original, innovative, but also high-end label.

The year 2017 was a very special year for the Carcenac winery located in the Tarn. The winemaker, Cédric Carcenac, could not make a classic vintage with this grape. And the result is up to the challenge. With the graphic designer Célia Molinier and the screen printer Lorenz Boegli, the owner of the domain created a white label that reveals its design only with the light of a flash.

“We experienced a rather special year in 2017: the estate was the victim of a fire that almost destroyed everything and that same year I suddenly lost my father. And as winemakers, we express ourselves a lot through our wines,” confides Cedric Carcenac. We wanted a high-end product with an interactive side, but without being too fun or too offbeat. With graphic designer Célia Molinier, we thought about virtual reality, but it was a bit too gimmicky for this vintage.”

The designer then remembered the posters made by printer Lorenz Boegli, whose designs only appeared in the light of a flash. “I discovered this technique at the Luxe Pack show in Monaco and the opportunity to develop it for the first time in France on a wine packaging with this project was perfect.”

Lorenz Boegli of Atelier für Siebdruck is a Swiss screen printer always looking for new printing techniques. We actually met him in 2017 for his invention of RGB printing. [Read More]

Source: Emballages.News