Organizing trade fairs is an ephemeral activity by definition and greedy in natural resources.
All LUXE PACK teams are mobilizing around the world to strive for an ever more eco-responsible activity while maintaining the quality of its events.

The Principality’s convention and cultural center has just achieved its first ISO 20121 certification and its sixth ISO 14001 certification, two internationally recognized benchmarks in environmental protection and sustainable development.

This establishment is constantly optimizing its environmental management system. In partnership with the Grimaldi Forum, the LUXE PACK show is designed with permanent ecological concerns:

  • A building supplied 100% with green energy in 2019: 2 470m² of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof
  • Optimized and sustainable water management,
  • An eco-responsible purchasing policy,
  • Good risk management,
  • Large format recycled PVC prints
  • Waste sorting and recycling: 16 selective sorting channels
  • Eco-certified cleaning products
  • 81% low consumption lamps
  • An ISO 14001 2015 certified site
  • Badge holders kept for reuse
  • 40 tons of carpet recycled per year,
  • Multiplication of the rate of waste sorting by 2.5 since its first ISO 14001 certification in 2008,
  • 255 new generation water spray extinguishers containing a biodegradable ABF additive. READ MORE

For more information on ecological initiatives of the Grimaldi Forum, you can watch the video:

The efforts towards our operations have also been extended to the transportation methods used by our visitors and exhibitors. That is why, with the support of the Mission for Energy Transition and His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, we have decided to charter a special train connecting Paris to Monaco. This initiative not only provides a convenient means of direct travel from Paris to Monaco, but it also has a significant impact on reducing our carbon emissions. To learn more, please click here.