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2019 Features:

LUXE PACK launch pad

A new way for visitors to understand, at a glance, who does what among exhibitors, so to identify their know-how for an efficient sourcing…
Innovation wall and interactive screen at the exit of Hall Esplanade.

Launch pad 2019

Materials Inspiration

“The Most”
Proposed by Quentin HIRSINGER, Founder and Judith GOYAUD-SCHILTZ, Director, MateriO
An exhibition dedicated to every aspect of material, from the purest to the most incredible, matériO’ looks at their exacerbated properties … a nylon so light that it looks like smoke, a black so black that it absorbs all the perspectives it covers, a transparency so pure that your product is only sublimated, a matter so little transformed that we imagine it still develops…

Packaging Personalization

A genuine creative personalized printing laboratory proposed by PRINT and Brand Revolution LAB
Print using a set of technologies to communicate differently, taking into account the personalization and variability of data, and to link physical packaging with digital technology…
Exhibition Area in Atrium Hall

Les dernières mesures gouvernementales ainsi que les restrictions liées aux déplacements, nous contraignent à reporter la 34ème édition de LUXE PACK Monaco au 27, 28 et 29 Septembre 2021.
Cependant, afin de vous accompagner dans votre sourcing de solutions d’emballages, la plateforme My LUXE PACK ouvrira en novembre. En savoir plus

L’équipe LUXE PACK

The latest government measures as well as travel restrictions force us to postpone the 34th edition of LUXE PACK Monaco to September 27, 28 and 29, 2021.
However, in order to support you in your sourcing of packaging solutions, the platform My LUXE PACK will open in November. Learn more