Relive the unique experiences at the heart of the 2021 exhibition !

2021 Features:

CARATS Network

Introducing the CARATS (CARnot Appui Technique et Scientifique) network. A French research group that specializes in innovative materials for the luxury packaging field.

A network developed by the Carnot Institutes (Ingénierie@Lyon, MICA and M.I.N.E.S.) where more than 4,000 researchers mobilize their expertise on “exceptional” and prototypical shaping of new materials and processes.

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Luxe Pack in Green

Ecodesign, green innovations and sustainable packaging: the entire industry is committed to reducing its environmental impact and ensuring ethical sourcing.
LUXE PACK in Green has become in a few years, the reference event highlighting the best solutions and responsible initiatives of our exhibitors.

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China Key

By 2025, 50% of luxury purchases worldwide will be made by Chinese consumers*: a market that is essential and atypical for international brands.

At LUXE PACK Monaco, live a sensory and personalized experience that will give you the keys to the Chinese territory.
Get free individual consulting, expert roundtable discussions, specific product exhibitions, in partnership with the brand intelligence agency centdegrés, present at the show.

*Source Bain & Company

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