LUXE PACK Formulation

From formulation to full service for perfumes and cosmetics
A dedicated space within the global packaging creativity fair, LUXE PACK formulation offers a unique platform for beauty professionals.
For more than 30 years, LUXE PACK indeed brings together the major players in the perfume-cosmetics industry and each year demonstrates its power of attraction for the sector: + 60% of LUXE PACK MONACO visitors are decision-makers from the perfume-cosmetics brands.
In addition, since packaging plays an increasingly fundamental role in protecting formulas, this universe dedicated to formulation and full-service is perfectly legitimate within LUXE PACK.

Why exhibit at LUXE PACK formulation?

  • Meet 3,000 decision-makers, French and international, who have visited LUXE PACK MONACO for more than 30 years
  • Choose one of our “all inclusive” stand formulas to focus on your prospects and customers, in a “cozy” and business-friendly atmosphere;
  • Organize a workshop speech to reveal your know-how and innovations to a targeted audience
  • Benefit from a large-scale communication before the show, with decision-makers in perfumery-cosmetics, the media and other influencers
  • A specific program with testimonials from innovative beauty brands and trend experts is proposed, encouraging the arrival of the big names in cosmetic perfumery
  • The Genoese hall with sea view within LUXE PACK: a real international platform to meet decision-makers in the sector: R&D, Formulation, Laboratory, Marketing, Purchasing, …

Who exhibits?

Standard or customised manufacturers: skin care, make-up, perfume and hygiene…
Services : full service, co-packaging, filling
Laboratories, tests & measurements, analyses, regulations

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Les dernières mesures gouvernementales ainsi que les restrictions liées aux déplacements, nous contraignent à reporter la 34ème édition de LUXE PACK Monaco au 27, 28 et 29 Septembre 2021.
Cependant, afin de vous accompagner dans votre sourcing de solutions d’emballages, la plateforme My LUXE PACK ouvrira en novembre. En savoir plus

L’équipe LUXE PACK

The latest government measures as well as travel restrictions force us to postpone the 34th edition of LUXE PACK Monaco to September 27, 28 and 29, 2021.
However, in order to support you in your sourcing of packaging solutions, the platform My LUXE PACK will open in November. Learn more