LUXE PACK in green : Vote for the best 2021 packaging innovation!

Pioneering sustainable packaging, LUXE PACK has long understood that sustainability and environmental preservation are among consumer’s biggest concerns.
Therefore, 2021 will mark a turning point for LUXE PACK Monaco’s luxury packaging offer.

For 12 years, the LUXE PACK in green awards has honored the best exhibitor sustainable packaging innovations and initiatives.

Today, the show will dedicate its many layers to the movement. Let this event be YOUR barometer for all eco-responsible trends.



LUXE PACK MONACO has announced on September 27th the winners for the LUXE PACK in green 2021 Awards:

Category 1: Eco-Conceived Packaging Solutions

The Jury’s Choice:

Rude collection





The RUDE Collection is designed in a way that is perfectly recognisable and different from the rest of the spirits on the market.

With a distinctive craft aesthetic, allowing to expand and customise the collection in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way as the bottle necks diameter remains the same. Is designed in a way that facilities the manufacturing process.

The People’s Choice award:

Odyssée :  A 2-in-1 on-the-go jar in lightweight glass and easily refilable.





Catégorie 2 : Corporate Social Responsibility approach



BCorp® certification process, completed in May 2020 made ICMA the first European company in the paper and cardboard industry to achieve BCorp® status.






Executive Secretary of BeMed, representative



Co-Founder and CEO

Sustainable Design School

After graduate studies of industrial design at ENSAAMA – Paris - l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art, Maurille LARIVIERE founded in 1983 his own design agency, which he directed for 10 years.
In 1985, he was in charge of defining the pedagogical engineering of the diploma phase of ENSCI - Les Ateliers, École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, at the Master 2 level. He is the pedagogical director for 10 years and supervises the first 240 diplomas.
In 1993, he was co-founder of Strate, École de design, School of Industrial Design, where he first directed the
studies and then the general management for 18 years. ENSCI Ateliers and Strate, School of Design, are the two French schools in the Business Week ranking of the 60 best design schools in the world.
In parallel, Maurille LARIVIERE is a lecturer in design at the École Polytechnique - Paris Saclay, and in the IC - Engineering Design Department - at the École des Mines de Paris. Since 2002, he teaches industrial design at the École des Ponts ParisTech. He is appointed Professor in 2003. Since 2014, he is a lecturer in Design Sciences Po
In 2013, he is co-founder and President of The Sustainable Design School, international high school of design and sustainable innovation in Nice on the French Riviera. Its diploma, Designer in Sustainable Innovation is recognized by the French Government. Its pedagogy proposes the concrete realization of research projects in sustainable innovation by the methods of design, with small and large companies, in a strong social and environmental dimension. The SDS is a member of CUMULUS Association, an international network of 340 leading schools and design universities worldwide, and member of LeNS – Learning Network on Sustainability. In 2016, The SDS becomes one of the 13 founding members of UCA, University Côte d'Azur. This allows The SDS to offer a PhD program, and to develop innovation projects and transversal research programs.
In 2016, he is a member of the WDO, World Design Organization, an international NGO promoting the
professions of industrial design. He is member of RED DOT Network since 2019.
In 2020, The SDS open a dual degree Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Design with SKEMA Business School. This MSc – Master of Sciences is recognized by the CGE, Conférence des Grandes Écoles, France.

Jacques PLAYE

Global Head of Packaging and Product Development


Sandrine SOMMER

CSR & Sustainable Development Director



Ecodesign Manager



Dedicated conferences

Several round tables bring together personalities and players committed to this essential theme of eco-responsibility.

LUXE PACK in Green Awards

Every year, the LUXE PACK in green Awards recognize the best sustainable packaging innovations in the world and best responsible initiative of exhibitors.

Some specific solutions

Packaging manufacturers are constantly innovating to offer solutions with reduced environmental impact. In 2021 at LUXE PACK MONACO, 45 candidate innovations in category 1 were presented.

A responsible tradeshow

LUXE PACK : Even greener
Organizing trade fairs is an ephemeral activity by definition and greedy in natural resources. All LUXE PACK teams are mobilizing around the world to strive for an ever more eco-responsible activity while maintaining the quality of its events.


We would like to thank INFINITY GLOBAL, the official LUXE PACK MONACO sustainable partner for this year’s sustainability conference coverage and the LUXE PACK in Green Awards event. INFINITY GLOBAL is a single source packaging solution for the world’s leading luxury brands, providing finely crafted, environmentally conscious packaging through a global supply chain network and centralized datasystem.