LUXE PACK MONACO invites luxury brands decision makers and the best experts for testimonies and best practices.



Rémy Cointreau

Eric graduated from the HEC French business school in 1993 and began his career in investment banking before joining Louis Vuitton (LVMHGroup).

After gaining three years’ experience in the field (boutiques) ,he was named CEO of Louis Vuitton France and subsequently of Europe ,before being appointed President of Christian Dior Couture Japan in 2004 . In January 2008 ,he joined the EPI Group as Chairman of Bonpoint and Managing Director of J.M. Weston. He was then CEO of the House of Rémy Martin, President of Mount Gay Rum (RémyCointreauGroup) and member of the Executive Committee of Rémy Cointreau from January 2014 to June 2018. Between June 2018 and November 2019, he served as Head of the Fashion and Accessories Maisons and member of the Senior Executive Committee at the Richemont Group. Finally, he joined Rémy Cointreau as CEO on December 1st 2019. A VERIFIER : Diplômé de l’école de commerce française HEC en 1993, Eric a commencé sa carrière dans la banque d’investissement avant de rejoindre Louis Vuitton (LVMHGroup).


Ecodesign Manager


Hélène Villecroze will be speaking as Ecodesign Manager at Chanel Parfums Beauté, for whom she has worked for over 18 years. She began her career as head of eye makeup formulation and collections and then became head of complexion makeup formulation. For the past 5 years, she has been in charge of Ecodesign for the brand and has put in place strong guidelines to direct innovation without cutting back on the sustainable aspect of the products. Symbol of this commitment, the Chanel n°1 line embodies these values, from the formulation, the packaging and the art of gifting.



Head of R&D


Sandrine SOMMER

CSR & Sustainable Development Director


Since April 2020, I have joined Moet Hennessy as Chief Sustainability Officer. I am in charge of managing the sustainability strategy for the 25 Maisons of Wine & Spirits and implement CSR initiatives in all markets. I am supported by experts working in the different Maisons for a long time to manage the multiple dimensions of Sustainable Development. With this team I coordinate all the initiatives to regenerate soils in all terroirs, to mitigate climate change all over the value chain, to support communities and to empower teams.
Before that, I have been working for 13 years as Chief Sustainability Officer at Guerlain where I am created and implemented a game changing Corporate Social & Environmental strategy.
I am very proud to belong to a committed group, active in the development of social and environmental dimensions, without compromising quality and luxury
In France and internationally, I have participated to numerous forums and events on sustainability. For more than 8 years, I have been a member of the Jury of the Luxury Price Pack In Green.
I have an engineer degree in Packaging and started my career in the Packaging Development department at Mars, before joining LVMH Group in 1999. Within this group, I held several positions of Head of Packaging at Moët & Chandon, Make Up For Ever and Guerlain, that I joined in 2005. In 2007, I created and became Head of the Sustainable Development department at Guerlain and in 2020 I became Chief Sustainability Officer at Moet Hennessy.

Olivier GAUGEY

Perfume Development and Operations Senior Director



Head of packaging



Co founder


Carl is an Austrian native and long time Ecuadorian resident with advanced degrees in communications, graphic design and branding. In 2013 he co-founded To’ak, the world’s first sustainable luxury chocolate company which also preserves the rarest heirloom cacao variety on earth. Carl is the primary creative force behind To’ak’s branding concept and design, for which he won several international design awards.

Jean-Baptiste ROUX



Jean-Baptiste Roux fell into the world of perfume by chance in 2001 and has never left it since.

At the end of his engineering studies, nothing predestined him to join Yves Saint Laurent, but that’s where he began his career. He wanted to work in cosmetology, so he worked in perfume in the international marketing team in charge of developing new products. He then joined several fashion brands and developed many perfumes for them: Trussardi, Maxmara, Galliano, La Perla, Iceberg, Lui Jo and many others. In charge of marketing as well as international development, this experience led him to work on creative, technical and commercial issues.

Following may years of working for others he decided in 2017 to join forces with Brigitte Wormser and Thierry de Baschmakoff to launch his own brand that he wants unique and different from the briefs he used to receive for other brands. This is how J.U.S, a sustainable, colourful and creative fragrance producer, was born in 2019 of which he is now the CEO and President.


Global Packaging & collections Manager


Jean-Charles LHOMMET

Director of Biodiversity & Sustainable Ingredients Department



VP New Brand Development EMEA



Industrial director





Passionate about challenges, complex environments, collective intelligence and systemic approaches, Anne has 15+ years experience in France and in the UK conducting projects with strong sustainability and change management drivers. Trained as an engineer with a focus on sustainability, Anne started his career based in the UK in charge of developing BREEAM environmental certification schemes for buildings. She then worked as a sustainability consultant for two years in Paris before joining Le Havre’s Port Authority as Land and Buildings strategic manager.

Since 2018, she is MD of the French cooperation movement Pour une Agriculture du Vivant born that gathers 750 members across the French farming and food sectors to accelerate the transition towards agroecology. The movement develops open-source tools, standards and projects (including the Regeneration Index, a robust and easy-to-use scoring trans-label tool to measure and support farms agronomic progress, and at the same time value creation) to support the development of a common national roadmap for agriculture in France. https://agricultureduvivant.org/





Vice president








marketing and communication director



Director of Product Development



Europe business development director


Nadine Serfaty has served in leadership roles spanning in Marketing and Design sectors . At INFINITY GLOBAL,  she has leveraged her experience and skills,  building strategies to cultivate long-lasting client partnerships. She is known as an ambassador, bringing INFINITY GLOBAL’s client-focus and personalized approach to develop tailored global packaging program solutions for Luxury brands from development to distribution to stores . Nadine enjoys the challenge of the ever-changing luxury industry, pairing the client needs, from unique and innovative designs to sustainability material, with progressive thinking and comprehensive solutions. “Every brand is unique, so working with the luxury brands always feels fresh-a new experience.”


Associate Director


Steven is founder and associate director of Anima Conseil, a content agency specializing in the digital and energy industries. He worked for more than 12 years in the French media and communication sector and notably collaborated with La Tribune, L’Express, TBWA, emlyon business school, Metronews… His strengths: knowing how to grasps strategic issues, express complex ideas clearly and ask relevant questions. His experience as an economic journalist, then as head of content and events at La Tribune, enabled him to study the transformations of our society.






Senior Global Marketing Management


Sylvia Kaiser-Kershaw is a Senior Global Marketing Manager in the Business Line Connectivity & Security at NXP Semiconductors. NXP thrives to build a smarter world on secure connections, advancing technologies that connect, sense, think and act. In her role, Sylvia is in charge of developing smart NFC IoT  solutions for diverse applications in luxury goods, fashion and healthcare, such as  anti-counterfeit protection, digital consumer experiences and connected retail.  Sylvia has over 20 years of experience in strategic brand and product marketing, working across a variety of industries and markets.  She is based in Austria.


Product Manager


Valentina BRAIDA

Marketing Manager

LAB ID srl


Chief Marketing Officer



Director of Marketing & Communications

ANJAC Health & Beauty




A graduate of ESCP Business School and founding director of ‘Be. Exclusive’, Bruno Lavagna is an international expert in luxury goods (craftwork, yachting, fashion and accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, gastronomy, etc.) and a consultant in luxury geostrategy. He is a lecturer at the Master of Science in Luxury Management at the International University of Monaco (IUM). He is involved in economic, cultural, sporting, environmental and humanitarian diplomacy, in particular with the Principality of Monaco’s embassies (UNESCO, Europe, Russia, United States, China, India, Japan, Australia, etc.)


Priscille CHARTON



A graduate of Grenoble Ecole de Management, Priscille Charton spent 12 years in product development at the service of the biggest make-up brands of the Coty group while trying to integrate environmental challenges. In 2014, she sailed around the Atlantic for a year with her husband. Faced with the amount of plastic floating in the middle of the ocean, she then understood the urgency of rethinking the design of cosmetics by acting intelligently for the planet and future generations. Now a mother of 4 children, Priscille Charton left the Coty group in 2020 and obtained a diploma from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership. The same year, she embarked on the Eclo adventure, giving herself the mission of reaching the ultimate stage of sustainable beauty. In 2021, she moved to Rennes, close to the brand’s partner laboratory and to the sea.



Managing Director


Born in 1960 graduated in Electrical Engineering from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. He later graduated from INSEAD with a Master’s in Business Administration. He started his career in 1984 as a Project Manager of CIBA CEIGY In 1990 he joined SICPA to become Plant Director, prior moving to France in 1997 to join the FCOF group, as Divisional Director of Oberthur Fiduciaire. Since joining the FCOF group, his purpose has been to place the company at the forefront of innovation in the security printing industry, After leading the OF division until the end of 2020 Mr Koutros is currently in charge of developing the Oberthur Solutions division which offers innovative solutions for digital services and secure documents. In 2021 he was appointed Managing Director of the Bioguard Co, a company with the objective of deploying Bioguard™ technology beyond fiduciary printing. Bioguard™ is a technology to provide a defense against fungal growth, bacteria and as well as viruses including Coronavirus. Bioguard™ technology is a solution which can be used in any industry to protect products, surfaces, packaging and paper offering customized solutions.


Business Development Director


After 10 years in IBM Microelectronics division and 2 years in IBM Global Services division, Roland Lartigue spent most of his career in the Photomasks business, in a factory close to Paris which is now known as Toppan Photomasks France, a French subsidiary of Toppan Printing. Photomask is the key device used in semiconductor manufacturing by all major players in micro- and nano-electronic markets.

Since 2015, Roland Lartigue is working with different Toppan groups in Europe, especially Security Printing division, to develop businesses based on RFID/NFC devices for security, authentication and traceability use cases.


Founder & CEO


Giuseppe Prioriello is the founder & CEO of Packly, the online packaging solution for creating custom-size boxes.  He is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Pringraf, a printing and paper converting business, in 1994, when he was only 23, starting from scratch.
As he worked to grow the company, he also founded other print-related digital startups, pushing the boundaries on digital print innovation and taking advantage of emerging technologies to change how packaging is ordered and produced.
In 2014, he established Packly, doubling down on his innovation legacy. He is the technological and and lateral thinker; soul of the group and strives for a continuous business evolution; We might say he is always thinking outside the box.


Co founder


Louis Magand Castel is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He co-founded Mastel with Julie in California in 2020. Julie and Louis are a complementary duo who imagined Mastel on the shores of San Francisco.Passionate about innovation, he acts to reconstruct the idea of ​​beauty by developing gender-neutral products. So the new Mastel products are suitable for everyone. https://mastelcosmetics.com/


Co founder


A chemist and biologist by training, Julie Magand Castel co-founded Mastel with Louis in 2020, in California. Julie and Louis are a complementary duo who imagined Mastel on the shores of San Francisco. Formulator expert, she worked in one of the largest cosmetic laboratories in France and developed the new Mastel products thanks to all the expertise brought by her previous experiences in luxury cosmetics.https://mastelcosmetics.com/


VP Europe


Babette is the VP Europe for LanzaTech, a pioneer in carbon capture technology that turns waste streams into CarbonSmartTM ethanol to create value as sustainable fuels and chemicals.
Before joining LanzaTech, Babette was Director of Business Development at Ginkgo Bioworks, an early stage leader in synthetic biology. Prior to this, Babette was the Chief Business Development Officer at Capricorn Venture Partners, a European manager of venture capital and equity funds, Chief Commercial Officer for BioAmber, a market leader in renewable chemicals, and VP New Business Development for Performance Materials at Royal DSM. Prior to this, Babette held Marketing & New Business Development roles in different industry groups for over 20 years at Dow Corning.
Babette has a BSc in Biology from Wellesley College, USA and an MBA from INSEAD, France.

François TASSART



Francois Tassart is responsible for the Cosmetics & Fragrance product line (lipstick & mascara packs, skincare jars & bottles, fragrance caps etc) at Albéa with 12 facilities worldwide.
Francois joined Albéa at the end of 2005 as sales and marketing director of the European tube division. He was named vice president of sales, marketing, and innovation in 2008, then executive vice president of sales and beauty solutions in 2013, responsible for leading Albéa’s international sales force. He has held his current role as CEO, Cosmetic Rigid Packaging since 2020. Prior to joining Albéa, Francois began his career at Andersen Consulting before moving to Carnaud Metalbox (Crown Cork & Seal). Having occupied an internal audit position, he became head of information systems and logistics in Asia, before taking over information systems management for Food France. In 1999, he joined Guerlain, as director of planning and pricing, where he created the department responsible for overseeing launches and developments. Three years later, he was appointed general manager of Guerlain Austria.



Co founder


Following a sailboat trip around the world with his family, Paulin continued his studies and is now a graduate of a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship. He then joined the agri-food group PepsiCo in commercial and marketing positions for 5 years and co-founded NEO BY NATURE


Co founder


After 10 years abroad and a first entrepreneurial adventure, he studied international law then worked in a Parisian law firm before embarking on the Neo adventure with his cousin.


CSR Project Manager


Cyril BALDACCHINO is CSR / Eco Innovation Project Manager at Apesa, member of the MICA Carnot Institute.

Holder of a Master’s degree in project engineering (IAE Pau / Estia) and a Master’s degree in Management (Univ Bordeaux), he has been supporting companies of all sizes since 2006 on the themes of eco-design and the implementation of innovative projects by integrating the parameters of sustainable development, from the operational level to the strategic level.

Coordinator of the Transition division of APESA, he notably manages the CSR dimension of the “Factory of the future” project.


Chief Sustainability Officer


Sara is a sustainability expert with an international background, focused on building meaningful business cases for corporate sustainability.
Sara applies her business and leadership experience from her 18-year career in corporate, university and non-profit organizations to engage the business community in capturing opportunities and proactively avoiding risks by using smart environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.
For the last 9 years Sara has worked in the fashion and luxury sector, as a consultant for many Italian and international fashion and cosmetics Brands and has served as Social and Environmental Responsibility Director at Christian Dior Couture before joining the OTB Group as Chief Sustainability Officer.
Sara believes that a holistic approach to sustainability is the key of success, that sustainability can bring about real change, foster innovation and inspire commitment in any organization. There is no small progress: every little effort, every little achievement is the foundation for great and lasting results.


Coordinator of Initiatives & Co-Secretary, Monaco Blue Initiative

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Principality of Monaco

Lina Hansson is Coordinator of Initiatives & Co-Secretary of the Monaco Blue Initiative, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Principality of Monaco. Lina holds a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology Engineering from the University of Lund, Sweden. She has more than ten years’ experience in the management of scientific projects in an international and multicultural environment. Before joining the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation in 2020, she was the Project Manager of the first large-scale EU project on ocean acidification (2008-2012) and Project Officer of the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC), of the IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco from 2012 to 2019. She is co-editor of the first book on the subject, “Ocean Acidification”, published in 2011 by Oxford University Press.

Glendean REHVAN

Director Of Innovation



Operation director



Vice President commercial glass recycling



Président EMEA


Xavier Susterac is President of the EMEA region at Aptar Beauty + Home, part of Aptar Group, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active material science solutions. Aptar’s innovative solutions and services serve a variety of end markets including pharmaceutical, beauty, personal care, home, food and beverage.  At Beauty + Home, Xavier is responsible for the regional P&L of our largest Beauty + Home region. He directly leads the Regional Management Team (RMT) comprising of the three business units (Fragrance, Skin Care & Color Cosmetics, Personal Care and Home Care), as well as cross business units sales and Commercial Excellence, Operations, Purchasing and Finance. Xavier’s mission is to leverage andcontinuously improve a strong regional team, and team up with the other Beauty + Home Global Leadership
Team members. Xavier’s key contribution since taking his role at Aptar Beauty + Home has been to drive profitable growth in a difficult post COVID 19 context, ensuring and maintaining Aptar’s leadership position with clients, leading Transformation initiatives in the region, bringing innovation and sustainable solutions to our markets and delivering our five year financial plan targets.
Xavier has over 30 years of experience in managing operations in EMEA. As a chemical engineer, he started his career at Hoechst then moved to Germany in 1993 where he worked for Rhom & Haas for 17 years. In 2010, he joined BASF to take on SVP positions, the latest being SVP for BASF’s Personal Care EMEA and Managing Director for the Dusseldorf entity, with a strong focus on improving service levels and driving innovation.
He joined Aptar Beauty + Home in October 2020.


Founder & CEO


Claire SEVIN

Business development manager



Site manager


Lorraine DENOIS

Cosmetics market & digital manage


Cosmetics market & digital manager for Seppic, a company of Air Liquide Healthcare, producing and distributing for more than 75 years a wide range of specialty ingredients for health and beauty. 



Cosmetics market & digital manager


Cosmetics market & digital manager for Seppic, a company of Air Liquide Healthcare, producing and distributing for more than 75 years a wide range of specialty ingredients for health and beauty 


Marjan VAN ZALEN  

Digital and Event Coördinator EMEA


Béatrice TYMEN

Project Manager - Commercial Canada



Marketing and communication Director



Business development manager



Export Manager



R&D Project manager



Co fondateur



CEO & Founder


“Creating cosmetics has always been my passion. Born in the South of Italy, I was a pharmacist in my previous life, before falling in love with formulation design. For me, formulating takes the best out of two worlds: Science and Art, where women are a living canvas. Molecules, pigments, technologies, textures… They are endless tools for a mission: embellishing the living. Extracting the best from Nature.” 

With a passion for Beauty, Science and Botanics, Luisa Oliva, Pharm.D R&D and Technical Marketing Consultant in International Cosmetics, draws most of her inspiration from Nature.  

As an international formulation artisan and beauty enthusiast, her goal is to create the perfect formulation to support future innovations. 

Her 25 years of experience in the industry, including her work at Intercos and L’Oréal as a Research and Innovation Manager..  

Luisa have worked alongside the R&D departments of some of the world’s leading makeup and skincare brands, to create future products.  

Her constant quest for innovations give her a bird’s eyeview on what’s best on the market and what will be the key of success for future projects 

Luisa is a teacher at the ISIPCA for French & International Masters and at several universities in Europe and in the USA. 

Luisa is a sought-after international expert and is invited to present the latest trends in makeup and clean makeup in various Scientific and Beauty events. She has been a partner of the ‘MakeUp in’ organisation and a member of the ‘MakeUp in’ Jury, evaluating the innovations from the suppliers, for the past ten years.   



CEO & founder





French born Laurent Hainaut is an Industrial Designer by training.
Laurent is founder and President of forceMAJEURE, an Independent Creative Agency based in Brooklyn, NY.
Laurent has over 30 years of experience using design as a strategic force for premium and luxury brands.
His knowledge of international markets, brand creation, brand renovation & innovation has helped to make forceMAJEURE a leader in global Design for premium and Luxury Brands.
His creative vision and strategic counsel have been valued across a broad range of industries and clients, including Unilever, Diageo, Campari, Gallo, Penfolds, L’Oreal, and many others.


Etienne GRUYEZ



Muriel HIBON



Muriel Hibon is the founder and director of Effervescence Lab. She has a physicochemist background in formulation (MST Physicochemistry of formulation in Montpellier and a DESS in creation, design and communication in cosmetology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris XI). She has more than 20 years of experience in R&D in cosmetic formulation.

Xavier GAGEY



Xavier Gagey is CEO of Groupe Pochet which he joined in 2018 as Managing Director of the Pochet du Courval Glass Division. A graduate of the École Supérieure d’Électricité (SUPELEC) with an MBA from the EDHEC, he was previously Managing Director of the Welded Tubes Division at Aperam, a global player in stainless steel production. Xavier brings the Group his expertise in organizational transformation in a global context, and 20 years of experience working in a complex and very competitive industrial universe. 

Sabrina ETHEVE

Marketing Director



R&D project manager in cosmetics


Valérie COLIN

Regulatory affairs director


Valérie Colin holds a doctorate in pharmacy (Faculty of Chatenay Malabry) and a DEA in bioproduct quality (Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon).

She spent a large part of her career in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in charge of regulatory affairs (Aventis, Baxter, Novex Pharma, Therabel Lucien Pharma).

She held the position of Head Pharmacist between 2014 and 2020.

She also worked in clinical research, consulting and project management at Quintiles-IQVIA (2004-2018).

Since September 2020, she is the Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs and in charge of European Relations at FEBEA




Ivan started his career as a multidisciplinary graphic designer in London back in the 1980’s and became fascinated with consumer brand packaging for alcoholic beverages. For the past 22+ years he has worked alongside Kevin Shaw, founder of Stranger & Stranger, in building the award winning packaging consultancy (from 3 to 30+ people) and overseeing design from their locations in London, New York and San Francisco. Stranger’s client base is diverse, from well known global brands to new start-ups. Ivan is passionate about brands that disrupt and stand out. Ivan also regularly serves as a jury member to trade and international design awards as well as undertaking speaking engagements on the power of good design.


Founder & Brand director


“A designer with a passion for everything, a graduate of the Ecole Boulle and Strate College, he approaches design with both creativity and pragmatism. His vision is clear: to create objects that are as beautiful as they are functional, and whose creative and industrialization process is totally mastered.

In the early 2000s, he founded the Eric Berthes-Planet Design Paris studio. Like a conductor, he directs his team towards a concrete result by taking into account the functionality of the object as much as its desirability. He is full of ideas and plays his role as artistic director with strength and conviction. Sometimes an innovative service ritual, sometimes a sofa, a lamp, a glass, a table, he thinks design and lives creation, all with a fair and amused eye.


Project Manager

ALPOL Cosmétique


PodCast Animator


Alice Vachet, impact entrepreneur, journalist, host of the podcast L’Empreinte, which examines the CSR challenges facing brands




Géraldine POIVERT

Co founder



Co founder


Arnaud is co-founder of Cozie, a cosmetic brand created in 2017 with a strong focus on zero waste approach:  deposit scheme; refill and bulk solutions.

He works with most majors in the cosmetics industry to help them in their transition towards circular economy, as a consultant and as a solution provider (white label bulk machines, deposit schemes).


general delegate


Emmanuel Guichard began his career in research in the United States and Spain, before joining professional associations in France and Brussels

First in charge of economic affairs at the General Confederation of Beet Planters (CGB), he then joined COFALEC (Confederation of Yeast Manufacturers in the European Union) in Brussels as Secretary General.

Since 2016, Emmanuel Guichard was General Delegate of Elipso, the trade association representing plastic packaging manufacturers. In this sector in transition, he has developed an expertise on the circular economy, from design to recycling of packaging

Since April 2021, he has been the General Delegate of FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies), the professional union of companies in the cosmetics sector. The FEBEA brings together the brands of manufacturers of perfumery, make-up, skincare, hygiene, toiletries and hair care products.) It brings together more than 300 companies operating in France.

In parallel to his professional activities, Emmanuel Guichard is involved in teaching at Sciences Po Lille.

Christina RAAB



Christina Raab is a transformational leader at the interface of sustainability, circular economy and innovation. As President & CEO of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute she is dedicated to powering innovation for the circular economy through products and systems that have a positive impact on people and planet. Christina inspires and guides manufacturers, brands and retailers across key industries, including packaging, to make meaningful progress with a science-based and holistic approach to circularity. Before joining the Institute Christina held management positions in global multi-stakeholder organisations and advisory firms at the forefront of sustainability services. She has worked with private companies and public sector institutions to advance the integration of sustainability and circularity in core business practices and to drive sustainable innovation across the value chain. Christina started her professional journey at the environmental branch of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and holds a PhD in materials chemistry. 


Founder and president


Nicole Rycroft is an accomplished environmental activist, anAshoka Fellow, and, unusually, a former elite rower andphysiotherapist. A systems thinker, she confronts the world’s rapid and dangerous destruction of forests with the same holistic, solutions-focused perspective she once used to address the root causes of symptoms in a patient.Over the last two decades, as theFounder and Executive Director of the Canada-based NGOCanopy,Nicolehastransformed the supply chains of some of the world’s biggest fashion, ecommerce, and food and beverage brands as well,as book publishers and printers. Well-known for greening theHarry Potter book seriesinternationally,Nicole’s novel strategy uses her corporate partnerspurchasing power and political clout to incentivize governments, packaging and fabric producers, innovators and the forest industry to change unsustainable practices, save forests and speed the adoption of lower impact Next Gen solutions.In 2013, Canopy launchedCanopyStyle, a campaign to end the negative impact of viscose fabrics on the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests. At that time, very few companies knew their clothing was connected to forest destruction. The campaign has since grown to over 470 brand partners, including H&M, Zara/Inditex, LVMH, and most recently Walmart. Nicole, and Canopy’swork, have leveraged those commitments to lead to more than half of the global viscose supply chain now ranked as being at low risk of containing fiber from vital forests—a dramatic transition in only a few short years.In 2019, Canopy took thissuccessful fashion sector strategy and beganworking to tackle paper packaging as well –an industry that consumesmore than 3 billion trees annually.Canopy’sPack4Goodcampaign already has more than 300brand partners,and it’sjust getting started.Today, Nicole’s organization maintains partnerships with over 750 companies, helping brands and producers eliminate the need for forest destruction.Recently, Nicole was named the recipient of the 2020 Climate Breakthrough Award. Sheis a UBS Global Visionary, recipient of the Meritorious Service Cross of Canada and a Canadian Environment Award Gold Medal winner. 


Director Ocean services EUROPE



Fashion commerce





After supporting European companies in their development in North America, Mathieu joined Roctool in 2004 to manage global support activities and new strategic orientations. In 2008, Mathieu was named director of global business development for Asia, Europe and North America. In 2013, he became president of Roctool North America. Since 2015, Mathieu has been CEO of Roctool, where he accelerates the deployment of technology around the world, particularly in the field of sustainable development in the beauty markets. 


Founder and president



Editorial Director



Global Director


Emma Chiu leads Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, the agency’s in-house futures and innovation think-tank. Her mission is to understand how the world is and is not changing to best advise organizations on how to transform for the future. 

She consults with clients to build long-term strategies based on qualitative and quantitative insight that incorporates cultural and behavioral change, sector innovation and zeitgeist shifts. Clients include Microsoft, HSBC, Unilever, Samsung and Dell.

Emma is a 2022 ambassador for Women in Innovation (WIN) NYC and is part of the advisory network for OK Mentor. She is also a member of the WARC Awards and Creativepool 2020 judging panel. In addition, Emma speaks at international conferences including SXSW, CES and Pause Fest. 




Following his first steps at Hermès and then Dior, Alnoor founded the design agency Objets de convoitises, specializing in 360° to create bottles, boxes, merchandising and retail stores for the world of perfume and spirits.

Recently he signed the total rebranding of Caron and the design development of Moncler perfumes (interparfums).


Co founder


Dr. Frederik Kotz studied mechanical engineering at the Karslruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. During his phD thesis he developed novel strategies for the fabrication of transparent glasses. His work has been published in Journals like Nature, Science or Advanced Materials. He is Co-founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) of Glassomer which is revoluzionizing glass shaping via 3D printing and high-throughput injection molding. For his work he has been awarded among others the Innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review Europe and the Deutsche Studienpreis.

Candice COLIN

Co-Founder & CEO


Candice COLIN is a leader in innovation and sustainable growth. She runs LITICA LABS, a high-impact tech company that aims to support the cosmetics industry in developing a more virtuous offer and models in line with the major current and future consumer and CSR issues. Candice is notably at the origin of CLEAN BEAUTYÔ, the first mobile app for deciphering cosmetics aimed at consumers and counting today nearly 1 million users and BEAUTYLITIC, the first BtoB Saas platform for CSR analysis of cosmetics allowing the industry to evaluate its product portfolios and better pilot its developments and/or transformation. In 2019, Candice was selected by EY and La Tribune as one of the 100 players in France’s economic transformation.



Le Rouge Français

A biotech engineer with a passion for entrepreneurship and art history, Elodie is at the root of a true plant revolution.

Pregnant with her daughter, this mother-entrepreneur focused on the formulation of her makeup essentials! In search of products without compromising her health and especially of her child, Elodie began to make her lipstick with the purest ingredients available: plant-based pigment.

Elodie Carpentier and her husband Salem Ghezaili founded Le Rouge Français in 2020, the first makeup company to talk about the Regenerative Economy. In 2021, Elodie was awarded the “Vegan Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by PETA and was a finalist in the BFM Academy. Elodie and Salem just won the prestigious WEG Achiever Awards in the “Young Entrepreneur” category.

Thibaud MOULIN



Thibaud MOULIN is a Partner of KYU.

Graduated from ENSAM, HEC and SUPAERO, he began his professional career in 2004 as purchasing leader in Automotive Industry and then joined KYU in 2009.

Thibaud is a passionate engineer specialized in supply chain risk management who has assisted multinational companies of many different sectors for more than 10 years in managing their risks at a strategic and operational level. He manages risk mapping, defines prevention framework, implement mitigation plans, crisis and continuity plans, and supports deployment of risk management solutions.

Florence DE KIMPE

Marketing Manager

Domaine Baron de Rothschild

Florence De Kimpe joined Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) as Marketing Manager in February 2017.

She spent the first ten years of her career working for the cosmetics industry, first in France then in Germany and South Africa. As an avid wine enthusiast, she decided to transfer her expertise in brand building and packaging to the wine business when heading back to France in 2014.

The Rothschild family is owner of Château Lafite Rothschild (Premier Grand Cru Classé in Pauillac), Château Duhart-Milon (Grand Cru Classé in Pauillac), Château Rieussec (Premier Grand Cru Classé in Sauternes), Château L’Évangile (Pomerol) in the Bordeaux region, Domaine d’Aussières (Languedoc, 1999), Bodegas CARO (Argentina, 1999), Viña Los Vascos (Chile, 1988) and Domaine de Long Dai (China).


Head of Strategy & Prospective Department


Renowned for the successful creation and development of Trend forecasting agency “Univers Mode,” Patricia Beausoleil has international experience not only in Home and Environments but also in Fashion and Colors.

Patricia is also Vice President of the “Comité Français de la Couleur” (French Color Committee) and contributes to the seasonal Première Vision Color discussions. This wide-ranging expertise provides undeniable added value for Peclers Paris’ clients in developing their global creative vision.

Today, Patricia Beausoleil is part of Peclers Paris’ Board of Direction. Together with her team, her mission is to develop the Environments & Design trend book and to advise clients in the Home, Consumer Goods, Environments and Lifestyle market segments.


Sustainable business leader


Elisa leads BSR’s consumer sectors practice globally and oversees the BSR global membership network. She works with companies in the luxury, beauty, fashion, hospitality, retail, and food industries to better integrate sustainability into core business strategy, products, and operations.

She helps companies understand the world’s big disruptions, create resilient and inclusive business models and practices, and evolve brand strategy to integrate changing consumer expectations. Elisa also leads BSR’s Responsible Luxury Initiative and the Southeast Asia Reptile Conservation Alliance (SARCA).

Prior to joining BSR, Elisa was an account manager at CHANEL and a consultant at Accenture and Ernst & Young.

Elisa is French-American. She holds an M.B.A. in Luxury Goods Marketing and Management from Sup de Luxe, an M.A. in International Relations from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques Paris, and a B.A. in French from the University of Pennsylvania.


Co-Founder and CEO

Sustainable Design School

After graduate studies of industrial design at ENSAAMA – Paris - l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art, Maurille LARIVIERE founded in 1983 his own design agency, which he directed for 10 years.
In 1985, he was in charge of defining the pedagogical engineering of the diploma phase of ENSCI - Les Ateliers, École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, at the Master 2 level. He is the pedagogical director for 10 years and supervises the first 240 diplomas.
In 1993, he was co-founder of Strate, École de design, School of Industrial Design, where he first directed the
studies and then the general management for 18 years. ENSCI Ateliers and Strate, School of Design, are the two French schools in the Business Week ranking of the 60 best design schools in the world.
In parallel, Maurille LARIVIERE is a lecturer in design at the École Polytechnique - Paris Saclay, and in the IC - Engineering Design Department - at the École des Mines de Paris. Since 2002, he teaches industrial design at the École des Ponts ParisTech. He is appointed Professor in 2003. Since 2014, he is a lecturer in Design Sciences Po
In 2013, he is co-founder and President of The Sustainable Design School, international high school of design and sustainable innovation in Nice on the French Riviera. Its diploma, Designer in Sustainable Innovation is recognized by the French Government. Its pedagogy proposes the concrete realization of research projects in sustainable innovation by the methods of design, with small and large companies, in a strong social and environmental dimension. The SDS is a member of CUMULUS Association, an international network of 340 leading schools and design universities worldwide, and member of LeNS – Learning Network on Sustainability. In 2016, The SDS becomes one of the 13 founding members of UCA, University Côte d'Azur. This allows The SDS to offer a PhD program, and to develop innovation projects and transversal research programs.
In 2016, he is a member of the WDO, World Design Organization, an international NGO promoting the
professions of industrial design. He is member of RED DOT Network since 2019.
In 2020, The SDS open a dual degree Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Design with SKEMA Business School. This MSc – Master of Sciences is recognized by the CGE, Conférence des Grandes Écoles, France.