LUXE PACK Monaco 2021: dispensing & plastic innovations


It’s a wrap! We bring you a brief lowdown on innovations from dispensing and plastics suppliers seen at LUXE PACK Monaco this week.


Silgan Dispensing launched Pearl 2, a next-generation airless system designed for e-commerce and recyclability. Pearl 2 uses a patented, plastic spring developed thanks to the supplier’s LifeCycle technology, meaning the dispenser is made “almost entirely” of a single polyolefin. Pearl 2 is said to be able to withstand changes in air pressure, meaning it won’t leak during transport or air travel.


Customization options were on show at wooden dropper specialist Virospack, including screenprinting with glitter and bulbs with mother-of-pearl or metallic finishes. The supplier is pushing its wooden collar dropper. Made of a single component, the wood collar is devoid of the traditional plastic inner cap. Virospack also aims to expand its offer of 100% PCR droppers; the supplier currently has one model on offer.


Quadpack’s new Canvas Airless range offers shape customization possibilities. Oval, square, convex, concave… the bi-injected, blow-molded packs use 15% less plastic than traditional piston airless packs. When the preform is blown into a shape, assembled with a pump and the pump actuated, the inner layer delaminates, creating a pouch. Canvas Airless comes with an LLDPE pouch and PET outer bottle as standard. Current outer options include rPET and PETG, while inner options include surlyn. A metal-free pump and refill formats are also under study. The company is also working on application heads and systems for tubes and cold touch applicators.

Aptar Beauty & Home put a major focus on PCR materials and mono-material solutions. Pumps Future and PZ Twist feature locking systems forgoing the need for a removeable cap, while E-Simplicity comes equipped with a tamper-evident seal that stay on the ring after opening to avoid polluting the environment. Airless dispenser Gaïa has a pump that remains attached to the bottle and detaches from the refill when it is replaced, thus avoiding the need to throw it away. Finally, refillable lipstick Private Refill is conceived with a safety key in its mechanism specific to each brand to prevent consumers from using the refill alone or with a competitor’s case.


With Baralan’s DEA airless packaging, the formula is in direct contact with the glass. DEA comes in a classic and premium version: the latter works on the principle of a reloadable cartridge system. The glass cartridge can be combined with an outer pack in plastic, wood, glass or metal.



Albéa showed innovations including Timeless, a PCR laminate tube range. The Bayonet system meanwhile, is billed as an “easy unlock and replace system” for inner jars. In the make-up realm, the supplier presented Endless Kiss, a reloadable lipstick mechanism in a PP shell, and a mascara made with up to 100% PCR content.


Cosmogen is banking on mono-material solutions with two patented products: ReUse Stick, whose case and refill are all in polypropylene and which can be equipped with three reusable applicators and r-Brush 100, a makeup brush made of 100% PCR PET, with the tuft, also made of recycled PET, clipped into the handle. Other new items include brushes with FSC paper handles that offer original design possibilities and a large tube with a soft-spike massage applicator that removable and reusable.


Simp put a renewed focus on Rendez-vous, its digital customization service for mascara brushes. The idea? To allow brands to design their own molded plastic brush by mixing the different types of brush tips in the supplier’s portfolio.