Winter & Company features cover materials in digital portfolio


Cover materials specialist Winter & Company has joined forces with Chaos Scans to create a library of over 1,300 scanned cover materials. The digital library offers a wide range of cover material 3D scans available for download and digital prototyping. 

winter-companyFamily-owned Swiss cover materials supplier Winter & Company has transformed its portfolio of textile and paper-based cover materials into digital photorealistic 3D scans using technology from Chaos, a leading player in digital visualisation and computer graphics.




Winter & Company offers 1,300 cover materials  for the packaging, merchandising and shopping bags sectors. Each material in the range is now presented in photorealistic 3D rendering. These high-precision digital visuals are said to recreate each material’s true surface and response to light, which results in for a quicker prototyping and allow designers, brands and manufacturers quicker design-to-product process.


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