Innovations from the show floor: LUXE PACK Monaco 2022, part 2


Innovations from the show floor: LUXE PACK Monaco 2022, part 2

Innovation was on show at LUXE PACK Monaco’s 2022 edition. In part two of our coverage, Luxe Packaging Insight brings a curated selection of the latest solutions in glass, plastics, new materials, accessories, paper/cardboard, closures and decoration & finishing.


Glassomer is adapting its new glass manufacturing technology to the luxury packaging sector. Its innvoations are based on a combination of powerded glass and a temporary polymer binder used for shaping. This material can be processed either by stereolithographic 3D printing or by injection molding. In both cases, it is no longer necessary to melt the glass at very high temperatures, resulting in reduced energy consumption. With 3D printing in particular, it is possible to prototype glass products within two to three weeks and eliminate the cost of a mold. With injection molding, on the other hand, it is possible to manufacture lighter bottles on an industrial scale and in more varied designs. In 2023, Glassomer plans to present its first products developed with customers in large series using injection molding.

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